“Fortune favors the bold.”

Joe Berry is a tattooer based out of Toronto, Canada.  Several times a year, Joe will travel to do guest spots – please check the “news” section, or contact Joe for more information.

Joe Berry is a custom tattooer; tattoos are done by appointment only, and a consultation is required to book a tattoo appointment.

At the time of the consultation, the client and tattooer will discuss the design, price, and time frame.

To prepare for the consultation, the client should have at least a general idea or concept for the tattoo, and bring as much reference material as possible.

A deposit will be required at this time to book the tattoo appointment; it will be deducted from the tattoo price at the time of the last tattoo appointment.

To prepare for the tattoo, the client should be sober, well rested, and have had a good meal prior to getting tattooed.  Also, it is good practice not to drink excessively the night prior to getting tattooed.

For guest spots or other info, please check out the “news” page, or email info@fortunefavorsthetattooed.com